command://global dismay montmartre//

Day 1: Notre Dame burns. Fuck. Worldwide dismay.
Photos – I was there and still saw her. Lucky.

Day 2: Notre Dame has to be rescued. Men and brands with money, lots of money, push themselves into the foreground and present themselves on the burning stage. Hundreds of millions flow in a few hours. Solidarity. Unity. Pooh – everything will be fine again. The world is saved.
And I thought to myself: Should I already now write that we have other, more important construction sites in the world than a certainly well insured church of a not quite poor institution. But I thought to myself – no, I won’t write anything about it, because it comes automatically.
Let’s have a look.

Day 3: Yes. Here they are. Finally. Posts show starving children, gorillas without jungle, other buildings destroyed by the evil French. Worldwide indignation.

Day 4 or 5: Hey, the black hole looks a bit like Homer Simpson’s donut. Like. Or the eye of Sauron from Mordor. Haha. Or. etc.

Summary: We humans are afraid of bad algorithms, artificial intelligence that manipulates us and robs us of our free opinion and maturity. The good news: it doesn’t. Because-the bad news: maturity and personal responsibility are often lost. We are conditioned, programmed by our own structure and dynamics. We have our own algorithm running in a continuous loop. The subroutines: control, fear, security, connection (belong to it) and much more.

As long as we don’t analyze our own programming/conditioning with all mindfulness, we continue to move in the predictable spiral:
Day 1: Event.
Day 2: Reaction A.
Day 3: Reaction B.
Day 4: Donut, or similar.

In short, we are always just reacting. Rarely creating. For true creation, true shaping of one’s own life, personal responsibility is essential. That would also be the real foundation for the whole world.

In the words of the wise Bloodhound Gang: „The roof is on fire“ – and not only at Notre Dame, but worldwide.

Burning highlight for a day.

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